Kirk & Jen Fatool — Owners / Operators of JOY BOX photo booths

Kirk & Jen Fatool — Owners / Operators of JOY BOX photo booths


Why Start A PhotoBooth business?

Essentially, we wanted another source of income. We have vast, amazing dreams of providing a safe, loving, memory-filled home for our children. But we also will need to pay for braces and hopefully a college education.  I (Kirk) work for a small seminary in Lafayette, Indiana and my wife (Jen) is a school teacher in Frankfort, IN. We both carry student loans from pursuing our ambitious, unfulfilled (misguided?) academic dreams. 

Every small business site/blog/book/whatever tells you to always think of the "why". So here are some more of our reasons why,

  • Pay off our student loans

  • Finish remodeling our house

  • Provide a future (braces, college fund, vacation memories) for our kids

  • Have more kids? {Check! as of 3/5/19}

  • Be able to let me (Jen) stay home with the kids

  • Be a blessing to our church family

We wanted this additional source of income to be something we look forward to doing. Something FUN! Something that will help people in some way. If one us was going to be away from the family, we knew it had to be something we would enjoy. 

We had recently gone to two family weddings with a photo booth. And it was SO FUN! We loved to have something to DO at the events besides dance. We loved wearing the silly props and laughing giddily when the photo was taken. And we loved having a memento to take home and hang up on the refrigerator. 

Cue JOY BOX photo booths. 

We researched and researched to find the best booth to bring to the Lafayette area. And we promise to give you the best customer service.

Pictures in a Box, Joy to take home. 


Jen & Kirk Fatool